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Benchmade ~ Yours for Life


Benchmade is a popular knife brand founded in 1987 America by Les deAsis. Before that, Benchmade only made Custom Balisongs under the name Bali-song inc. This led to the first production of the Bali-Song 68.

From here Benchmade grew into one of the largest players in the American market. The brand focuses 100% to this day on quality, customer relationships and innovation.

Benchmade started small in a shop in California, 1980. After the success of the first Bali-song model: The 68, the company grew over the next 8 years into a complete knife manufacturer. Who, in addition to the successful Balisongs, also started selling fixed knives and pocket knives.

Lee thought it was time for a new name, this name had to encompass the drive for quality and passion for the handmade knives. The new name Benchmade was introduced in 1987, the name expressed exactly what the company stood for.

In 1990, Benchmade moves its operation to Oregon, the epicenter of knife production. Here, the brand gained access to new technologies, such as a high-power laser cutter.

To this day, Benchmade continues to grow into an increasingly stronger player in the knife world. And that makes sense, because after all these years the brand has never let go of its core values, the focus on quality, innovation, customer relationships and responsible business ethics.

Benchmade Knife Styles and Materials

Benchmade has a wide range of different knife styles and materials. Benchmade has dozens of different types of knife styles with highlights:-

  • The Clip-Point, a knife with a sharp mouth, for the center point.
  • The Trailing Point, the back curls upwards so that the point is higher than the handle
  • The Tanto: can be recognized by the straight lines
  • Opposing Command
  • Reverse tanto
  • Spear Point

The steel

The type of steel used in making a knife can be the difference between a sharp blade for a day or years. Benchmade often uses CPM-S90V Steel, this type of steel retains its sharpness for a long period of time and is known for its resistance to corrosion. Benchmade also uses CPM-Cruwear steel, this type of steel is not stainless but is stronger than D2 steel. CPM-Cruwear uses vanadium to create an extremely hard layer that preserves the edge of the blade. In addition to this, Benchmade also uses CPM-M4.

The Benchmade Bugout Series

The Benchmade Bugout is an impressive knife. It is lightweight, compact, but very capable in cutting performance. The handle features very small internal liners, which support the pivot and locking mechanism. This way Benchmade was able to minimize the liners to reduce weight, without sacrificing stability

The bugout has an AXIS locking mechanism. This is a lock that is reliable and easy to use, even for left-handers. It's also one of the more fun locks to use, due to the smoothness of the opening and closing action, giving it "the fidget factor". We handed them over to people who have never seen a premium pocket knife, but could operate them instinctively. The Benchmade bugout has been out for a few years now and there are several options available. Different colors, but also dealing with materials and sheet steel. You have the Benchmade Mini Bugout White or the blue Bugout 535.

On the original Bugout, the handle shells are made of Grivory, a highly durable, yet lightweight injection molded thermoplastic. Grivory is more than suitable for pocket knife handle scales. The blade steel is S30V, a premium powder metallurgy steel, known for its good edge retention and corrosion resistance. S30V is a favorite of many knife makers and users. The pocket clip can be worn deep out of the box. It can be reversed for left-handed people, but it can be flipped up either way. The blade has a nice and thin drop point shape, making it a more general tool than a tactical knife. Logical, because it was originally designed for walkers. That also explains all the weight reduction that has been put into this knife.

It weighs barely 52 grams and is therefore an incredibly light knife. Now there is a lot of variety. Such as models with carbon fiber, CF Elite or aluminum shells. There are versions with coated blades (cerakote), smooth or partially serrated blades and even the Mini Bugout; a smaller version.

Benchmade Hunters (Benchmade Fixed Knives)

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter & Steep Country Hunter

Benchmade, a knife brand deeply rooted in the knife community.

What is Benchamde known for?

They are best known for their butterfly and pocket knives such as the 42, Griptillian, Osborn and more recently the Bugout. Their knives have served many in a wide variety of situations around the world and can count on a loyal fan base.

Perhaps a little less known, but certainly not of lesser quality and practical use, are their fixed knives. In this case, we want to highlight two of their fixed hunting knives that embody an ancient practice in a modern world. Look and see the Hidden Canyon Hunter and his cousin, the Steep Country Hunter Hunter.

What are the Benchmade Hunters made of?

Both rock a full tang CPM-S30V powder steel blade, which stays sharp for quite some time when used for skinning, while also having the benefit of good resharpening capabilities. These essential features aid in field maintenance and sharpening. To add even more functionality, both knives are equipped with clear grooves on the back of the handle to add comfort and control. Two specifically placed jimping areas on the backbone of the blades help with precise cuts, for example against bone. Looking at the bigger picture, this feature allows you to get the most out of your harvest and ensure nothing goes to waste.

What is the handle made of?

The handle shells are made from stabilized wood, wood that has undergone an industrial process to ensure it is harder, denser, stronger and more resistant to water and warping than its original shape. It is a very suitable handle shell material for knives that will experience moisture or fluctuations in humidity. Conditions that may sound familiar to hunters.

Do the knives come with a sheath?

To top it off, both knives come in their own matching leather sheath with belt loops that match the color of the brown handle scales. Unlike many leather sheaths, these sheaths are slim and compact in design, reducing bulk and getting caught in bushes. The inside is molded around the shape of the blades, ensuring a tight fit when inserted into the sheath. For added security, they are also equipped with a snap retention strap.

Both knives are as practical as they are beautiful. True workhorses optimized for performance, whether as your faithful hunting partner.