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We at The Old Man Knives & Tools emphasize our service. We take the time for our customers, help them with their choice and inform them about the advantages and disadvantages of each knife. Because of this, we have many regular customers who come to us for questions and help.

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Swords & Katanas

Are you looking for swords? At The Old Man Knives & Tools you will find a wide range of various swords and accessories from different brands. A set or a piece, with holder or without. Order now or visit our store for more information and advice in the center of Amsterdam! At The Old Man Knives & Tools we have been trading Swords since our foundation. We have European Swords, which nod to the Middle Ages and Roman times. Some of these historical Swords are sharpened and therefore already ''Battle Ready'', others still have a blunt side. In addition to the European Swords, we also have Japanese Samurai Swords or Katanas in our store. These Katanas are an ode to the ancient samurai warriors from Japan. The Japanese Swords are of extremely high quality, with beautiful details and razor-sharp edges. Do you want to buy a Katana? Or are you hesitating between a Sword? Then visit our store for advice. We can tell you everything about every sword or knife.