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We at The Old Man Knives & Tools emphasize our service. We take the time for our customers, help them with their choice and inform them about the advantages and disadvantages of each knife. Because of this, we have many regular customers who come to us for questions and help.

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Kitchen knives

Are you looking for a really good chef's knife? It can be very difficult to find a store with the right knowledge and assortment in the field of chef's knives. The Old Man has no fewer than nine shops in the center of Amsterdam, one of which is fully specialized in knives. Not everyone has a knife specialty store around the corner. That's why The Old Man takes the knowledge of the pros from the store and shares it online. So read, view and compare well on our website and order your dream knife. We have kitchen knives from beautiful brands such as Zwilling and Böker . In addition to European kitchen knives, we also have Japanese kitchen knives such as a Santoku knife. Can't decide online? Then come to our physical store in the center of Amsterdam for a long time.

The online shop for kitchen knives

The Old Man Knives & Tools has a wide selection of kitchen knives online and in our physical store in Amsterdam. We can give you personal advice according to your wishes by implementing the knowledge of our professionals online. Contact us with specific questions, or visit the store for personal advice!

What are the best kitchen knives?

There is no such thing as the best kitchen knife. There are different knives for different purposes, such as cutting vegetables, cutting bread or cutting meat. Do you want to have all types of knives in one go? Then buy a knife set for the kitchen.

Oriental cuisine is known for the sharpness and quality of their knives. Japanese knives in particular are very popular because they are often made of carbon steel and they are easy to sharpen. With Oriental chef's knives you always have quality in your hands. The quality of the knives varies per brand and also how well you maintain them yourself. Maintaining knives is something that is often forgotten, while it can ensure that you can continue to use a knife for many years to come. You can do good maintenance, for example, by regularly cleaning your knife grinding .

Only top brands

Do you want to be sure that you are buying a quality knife? Then buy a knife from a well-known brand that has already proven itself on the market over the years. Not everyone knows which brands these are. To familiarize you with the world of knives, The Old Man gives Knives & Tools tips which brands are of quality. Zwilling JA Henckels was founded in 1731, making it one of the oldest brands in the world. Thanks to German craftsmanship from Solingen, a Zwilling kitchen knife makes many chefs happy. Global Knives is the right brand for a traditional Japanese knife, also known as a santoku knife. Made of stainless Cromova steel with exceptional sharpness. You can also contact us for chef's knives from the brands Boker , Forge de Laquiole , Spyderco .