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By Esbit


Small Solid burner from Esbit - a great companion on the way into the wilderness! Whether you're camping, hiking or simply enjoying outdoor adventures, this compact burner is perfect for taking your cooking to the next level.

The Solid burner from Esbit is specially designed to improve your outdoor experience. With its durable and sturdy design, it can withstand rough conditions and can easily be carried in your backpack. With this small burner you can enjoy a hot meal or an invigorating cup of coffee wherever you are.

The Solid burner comes with a special fuel block wiper, making cleanup a breeze. It runs on Esbit fuel cubes that are easy to light and provide long-lasting heat. This saves space in your bag because you don't have to carry a heavy fuel tank.

Whether you settle on a remote camping spot, undertake a mountain climb or simply take a day trip, the Solid burner from Esbit is your reliable partner. With its compact size and easy operation, it is the perfect companion for every adventurer.

Don't wait any longer and add Esbit's Solid burner to your equipment today. Go out and enjoy the authentic feeling of outdoor cooking with this reliable and practical bushcraft product!

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