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Liong Mah is a knife designer from New York, where he used to work as a pastry chef. Using knives daily, combined with an already existing love for them, he knew he wanted more. After learning how to use CAD, he really brought his designs to life. He has worked with many major knife manufacturers and his designs are world famous.

Today, Liong Mah Design, his own brand, is based in Palm Bay, Florida and has an impressive portfolio.

Reate is a manufacturing company, built and run by knife enthusiast David Deng. Reate has an impressive history of collaborations as well as their own line of knives. Reate knives are known for their fit and finish and smart design features.

Liong Mah's designs built by Reate, is a combination that makes for top notch quality. Something knife enthusiasts can really appreciate is beautiful designs, brought to life in fully functional tools. Or as Liong Mah calls it: “Functional Art”.

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Lion Mah

Liong Mah ~ Custom Knives from Florida

Liong Mah, a custom knife maker in Florida, America, is highly praised for its robust construction, high-quality materials and unique details. In addition to this, Liong Mah is only too happy to collaborate with one of the most legendary knife products in the world: Reate Knives. This collaboration leads to a synergy of design and construction.

Mah's designs come into their own as a result. Liong Mah Design is guided by 2 core values, the knives must be sleek in design, but nothing should be compromised on the practical possibilities of the knife. Liong Mah strikes a balance between design and practicality.