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Brisa Hiker 95 Scandi Gravel
Your new reliable hiking companion - light, versatile and affordable

The BRISA Hiker 95 is designed with inspiration from the long Finnish tradition of knife making and the Scandinavian design tradition. It is part of a new range aimed at walkers, campers, bushcrafters, small hunters and homeowners. The BRISA Hiker is your perfect companion due to its versatility and low maintenance in any situation. The handle is comfortable, grip-friendly, durable and pleasant to the touch. The blade is available in two different grinds. The Scandinavian grind is slightly more focused on woodwork, while the flat grind is the ideal solution for general use.

The knives are made in Finland with modern materials and high-tech production methods. The blade material is Swedish stainless steel 12c27 and the handle material is made of a newly developed reinforced glass fiber polypropylene composite. The composite was originally developed for the automotive industry, providing them with durable and "nice to the touch" details. The knife comes with a high quality thick leather sheath with the option to dangle or carry.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and multifunctional hiking knife, the BRISA Hiker 95 is the solution for you.

Brisa Hiker 95
Blade length: 95 mm
Blade width: 24 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5mm
Total: 210mm
Weight: 105 grams
Steel: Swedish stainless Sandvik 12C27
Sheath: high quality thick leather.

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