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By Fenix
The Fenix ​​ARB-L16-700UP 16340 battery is in many cases a good rechargeable alternative to CR123A batteries. This battery can deliver a bit more power than a CR123A battery. As a result, you also get a higher light output in some lamps than with a CR123A battery.

What's special about this 16340 battery is that you don't need a charger. A micro USB cable is enough. The battery contains a micro-USB port with which you can charge it. There is a small LED on the end of the battery. This indicates the charging status. It is important that this battery is equipped with a protection circuit against undercharging and overcharging. Note: if you are going to charge the battery via the micro USB port, you will need a power source that supplies a maximum of 300mAh (0.3 Amps). As soon as you start charging the battery in a charging station, we recommend a maximum output of 700mAh.


- Type: Accu / Battery for flashlight
- Weight: 19g
- Cell type: Li-ion
- Battery size: 16340
- Capacity: 700mAh
- Product features:
• Button top
• Rechargeable

- Colour: Multi

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