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Check out this interesting blend of military memorabilia and modern knifemaking: the Böker P08 Damascus!

This model is not only designed with various aesthetic features reminiscent of the Luger P08 pistol, it is literally made from the steel of these pistols!

The full tang blade of this compact boot dagger style knife was hand-forged in a boomerang pattern damascus by Chad Nichols, from the steel of Luger P08 barrels. The rosewood handle scales have been checkered and kept in place with the same construction as the Lugers, to match the original look of the pistol grips. The dark stonewash on the bolsters and pommel gives a nice contrast to the rosewood. The knife is accompanied by a beautiful black leather sheath, which features a handy Ulticlip. All handmade and individually numbered by Böker in Solingen and comes supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

The Pistole Parabellum, commonly known as just Luger or Luger P08 is a semi-automatic pistol. The design of the P08 was first patented by Georg Luger. It was initially produced as the Parabellum Automatic Pistol, by the German arms manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM). The Luger is well known for its wide use by Germany during World War I and World War II, along with the interwar Weimar Republic and the post-war East German Volkspolizei. The Luger was produced in several models and by several nations from 1898 to 1948.

Did you know that the name Parabellum, which was also featured in DWM's telegraph address, comes from the Latin phrase, “Si vis pacem, para bellum”, which means "If you wish for peace, prepare for war.”


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