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Citadel stands for superior quality, which can be achieved only by masterly craftsmanship. All knives and swords are made almost completely by hand. Minor deviations in shape and size are the result of individual production.Keshi means "poppy" in English, which is the theme of this sword. The tsuba of blackened iron represents the leaves of the poppy. Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki show the unique flowers. Another highlight is the handle winding made of brown leather, which is tightly wrapped over the handle with Rochenhauten handle.Endings (Kurigata, Kojiri, Koiguchi) from buffalo horn adorn the black, glossy sheath.The razor-sharp blade is made of 1075 carbon steel. Under traditional clay screed this is differentiated hardened to about 60 HRC at the cutting edge and about 40 HRC at the back of the blade. A groove (Bo-Hi), which also shows on the forged Habiki, reduces the weight and ensures an optimal balance. The polisher's skills bring the blacksmith's masterful work to bear and present a beautiful Hamon.In addition to a production certificate, each sword includes a high-quality sword hull, a silk sageo and a padded Cordura bag for transport.Handle length 18.5 cmBlade length 57 cmTotal length (without scabbard) 76 cmWeight (without sheath) 685 g


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Merk: Citadel
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