Boker Plus
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Het mechanisme is hetzelfde als een echt Balisong-mes, terwijl de dummy in plaats van het mes het classificeert als een zuiver trainingsapparaat. Voor veilig spelen en trainen. Opengewerkte roestvrijstalen handgreep met rode G10-schalen, om de trainer te onderscheiden van echte messen. Met clip.
Artikeltype: trainingsmes
Totale lengte: 23,2 cm
Lemmetlengte: 10,3 cm
Bladdikte: 2,9 mm
Gewicht: 154 g
Materiaal blad: roestvrij staal
Materiaal handvat: G10
Openingshulp: nee
Opening: Handmatig
Sluiting: Balisong
Kleur: rood
Artikelnummer: 01BO712
Böker Plus Balisong trainer

Since May 1st of 2012, it is illegal to buy, sell, own, carry, smell, look at, taste or dream of actual butterfly knives in the Netherlands. Many other countries and even most states in the U.S. have the same challenges these days. Serious balisong practitioners know that there is an alternative, legal option to play with though. And that a high quality trainer can cost as much as a custom knife. Not this one though! And for its price it performs like a beast!

Balisong trainers were already commonly used as safe training alternatives for getting into the hobby or learning new tricks when sharp options were still available. But in the last decade they’ve evolved into “the new normal” due to changing knife legislation worldwide. Instead of thinking of it as a “fake” or “dummy” blade, try seeing it as an individual tool to practice a new (or existing) hobby, much like a fishing rod or a paint brush.

For people who want to seriously start with the art of “flipping” or more experienced practitioners who are looking for a good quality beater, there’s the Böker Plus Balisong trainer. It’s smooth and quiet thanks to its phosphor bronze washers, has a spring latch and it is also nicely balanced. The materials used, to build its screw together construction, are common in quality knives and it’s made to be used, not just to look at.

We’re really impressed and think it’s one of the best trainers available for the money at the moment. It has durable stainless steel liners, G10 scales in the international red training colour and a removable pocket clip.

Some quick specs:
Overall Length: 23,2 cm
Blade Length: 10,3 cm
Weight: 154 g
Blade Material: 420 tough stainless steel

The trainer comes with a nice felt-lined storage pouch and a torx key. When flipping, keep an eye on those screws! The pro’s will know what we mean. To avoid the risk of potentially losing those pesky little screws, use a drop of Loctite to keep those screws in place. And check them with the torx key every once in a while.


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Merk: Boker Plus
Barcode: 4045011146961
Categorie: Oefenwapens

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