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Todd Begg

Todd Begg is a designer and knifemaker from who lives in Dallas, Texas. His love of knives really boomed when he made one at a very young age. Today, he makes high end custom knives and is primarily known for his folders. His practical experience in the military and bladesports, combined with his technical experience from following a Machine Shop Program (among other things), make for outstanding quality knives. His often futuristic designs, complementing the high end materials and fantastic fit-and-finish are instantly recognisable. His customs go under the name Todd Begg Knives.

Mark Begg / Mattia Borrani

Mark Begg (who is Todd’s brother) and Mattia Borrani are long time friends. With Todd’s help, they started the company Pride in Making Products, LLC. in 2012. An established company based in Petaluma, California, they now go under the name Begg Knives.


California Custom or Steelcraft

The California Custom knives are completely manufactured, assembled and finished in the Petaluma facility. The highly skilled team of knifemakers use exotic materials, high end alloys and all the skills and tools necessary to produce unique pieces that not only look fantastic in your collection, but are also very functional in cutting capabilities.



These production knives are made by a select group of international manufacturers. Either with, or under the supervision of Begg craftsmen. Make no mistake, these are original Begg designs, made by experts with high quality materials. The Steelcraft line serves to make Todd Begg’s designs and vision on knives more widely available to users and collectors throughout the world.

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