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Zwilling ~ The best kitchen tools from Solingen Germany

Zwilling was founded in 1731 by JA Henckels in Solingen, Germany. As a result, you cannot doubt the rich history and experience of the chef's knife brand. Fortunately, Zwilling can also prove this, through the multiple awards that have been won in exhibitions in major cities such as Chicago and Berlin. In addition to this, Zwilling has also been able to open 2 concept stores in Paris and Shanghai due to its success.

For these reasons we are very happy to work closely with the prominent and high-quality knife manufacturer Zwilling. We at The Old Man Knives & Tools have a large and varied range of everything Zwilling.

We sell all kinds of chef's knives in different shapes and sizes. We have salmon knives, carving knives, professional chef's knives and Japanese chef's knives. In addition to this, we also sell Sharpening Steels and Nail Scissors.

Our range will only grow in the near future, so if you are interested in more from Zwilling. Then come back to our website or visit our store In Amsterdam, Damstraat 16-2.


Are you looking for a really good chef's knife? It can be very difficult to find a store with the right knowledge and assortment in the field of chef's knives. The Old Man has no fewer than nine shops in the center of Amsterdam, one of which is fully specialized in knives. Not everyone has a knife specialty store around the corner. That's why The Old Man takes the knowledge of the pros from the store and shares it online. So read, view and compare well on our website and order your dream knife. We have kitchen knives from beautiful brands such as Zwilling and Böker. In addition to European kitchen knives, we also have Japanese kitchen knives such as a Santoku knife and Miyabi knives. Can't decide online? Then come to our physical store in the center of Amsterdam for a long time.


Now at The Old Man Knives & Tools, the new Premium Japanese Chef's Knives series or Japanese kitchen knives series from Zwilling. The Takumi series. The Zwilling Takumi chef's knives are a perfect balance between quality, durability and design.
100 layers of Damascus design enclose the FC 63 core and guarantee the superior hardness and edge retention of all knives in the range. The Japanese chef's knives are of high quality and look beautiful. A sure addition to any kitchen.