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Polar Puukko 77

The Polar puukko is a Finnish handmade puukko. A collaboration between Brisa Ltd and Lappituote in Lapland.

The Finnish Puukko is a reflection of the people who developed them hundreds of years ago.

They are robust, versatile and sturdy in a simplistic beauty, made for use in a wide variety of tasks.

A versatile tool for wood pruning and outdoor activities.

Suitable for smaller whittling jobs where more precision is needed. Classic carbon steel that is easy to get razor sharp. The handle is small enough to be gripped in many different ways.

Blade length: 77 mm

Blade width: 20 mm

Blade thickness: 3.2mm
Blade steel: 80CrV2 Carbon steel
Total length: 185mm

Curly birch handle with birch inlay.
Leather sheath

Article No. 24151

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